Slimco 4 Home Laser Lipo & Skin Smoothing Machine

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FDA Registered & Listed Home-Use Laser Liposuction Unit - One treatment time is about 10-40 minutes. We recommend 4 treatments per week for 4 weeks per treated area (waist, hips, thighs, calves, back etc). You may treat more than one area at a time. 

Laser lipo, wavelength is 635nm – intensive physical lipolysis to remove fat –excess fat cell melted – Body slimming, cellulite reduction – smooth fatigue – promote and accelerate the body's metabolism

Lose weight and inches permanently when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Because the laser light breaks up the fat cells it is important to do some cardio-vascular exercise such as running, swimming or biking within 24 hours after treatments. Any exercise that raises your heart rate will be sufficient.

Ships from the U.S.A. Typically only 2 - 5 days to arrive - Shipping INCLUDED

14-DAY NO-RISK GUARANTEE! – Package includes: 1- main body 1- power cord 

LOSE INCHES QUICKLY AND PAINLESSLY! The SlimCo 4 Home Laser Lipo Body Fat Reduction System is indicated for non-invasive aesthetic treatment for the reduction in the circumference of the waist. The SlimCo 4 Home Lipo Laser machine emits low levels of laser energy, which creates a chemical signal in the fat cells, breaking down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, releasing them through channels in the cell membranes. The fatty acids and glycerol are then transported around the body to the tissues that will use them during metabolism to create energy. This process of fatty acid release is a natural response of the body when the body needs to use stored energy reserves, thus laser lipolysis is not creating any unnatural reaction in the body nor does it affect or damage any surrounding cell structures such as skin, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves. A period of exercise post-treatment will ensure the complete metabolism and thus elimination from the body of the freed fatty acids. This is the laser fat removal machine you've been waiting for! It provides the latest technology for lipo laser body fat removal and is the easiest to use laser fat removal machine! NOW WITH A 14-DAY NO-RISK GUARANTEE!